Custom Metal Trim – For Life

Through the years we have seen the need for quality metal work done on the spot. Whether it’s to dress up the curb appeal of your home or importantly as a weather shield for your exposed trim detailing and structure. When done right, aluminum flashing & capping channels water away from areas prone to leaks such as chimneys, windows & doors which will save you costly repairs down the road. We all know facing the brunt of Mother Nature’s resolve when it comes to water and wind she’s a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Aluminum capping protects the structural & wood material behind the capping (trim) from rot, sun damage and the worry in our minds… “Is my home or business really protected from unseen damages due to weather?” has the worlds most advanced mobile aluminum brake & tech for your job – we bring the whole production facility to your job-site for maximum cost savings and time efficiency.

We offer:

  • Complex Profiles – Aluminum Brake Solutions
  • All Windows, Doors & Garage Trim
  • Chimney Flashing & Metal Work
  • Coping – Cladding – Caulking
  • Column & Post Wrapping
  • Soffit and Fascia

Commercial – Industrial – Residential – Fully Insured

Contact Flash Fit Canada serves clients in Ontario Canada. Shipping on select items out of Province is available.

    We do all sorts of typical trim capping & cladding work on homes - windows, doors, Garage doors, Eaves (Soffit/Fascia) & Post Wrapping. Commercial cladding, capping, cove work and custom on request. Get a free quote with this form.